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01 October 2008 @ 02:01 pm
  So, first time on livejournal for me I guess. Well, first time posting. Confuses the senses a bit. Just started my first semester of college, so that's going well. Canadian college by the way, so I do school work. My top priorities are essays and exams. Hoping to get into the foreign service eventually!

  I'm really not to sure about what I'm doing here. Journalling, I guess. That's supposed to be good for you. I have a creative writing course later on tonight. I still have to read the chapter that I have to read. Wow, how redundant was that? Oh well... I am the Queen of Redundancy. And Awesomeness, but we don't need to speak of that right now.

  Wow, election in two weeks! Excitement! I wonder how it'll tun out? I hate that I'm not at home to keep tabs on who is winning up there!! I don't even know who is winning down here though... Oh well. And what about the American election? Debate tomorrow!! Predictions: Um... Biden duh. Dude, that is really quite an easy one. Palin=Bush with Boobs. At least she'd come in handy if terrorists attacked America with crazy rampaging moose. 

  At least I have Spore now.... Woot Spore!!!
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